5 Tips For Making An Awesome Website

Regardless of whether you are looking to build a personal or a business website, you need to consider some factors that will help it grow and attract more visitors. In this era and age, websites are extremely important because more and more people are beginning to embrace technology and everything that comes with it. For instance, today you cannot compare a business that has an official website with one that does not. However, there is more to websites than simply having one in place. Here are some 5 tips for making an awesome website that will leave it flowing with meaningful traffic.

Consider the 5 Second Rule

According to research, an average person takes about 5-8 seconds to decide whether to stay on a certain website or leave. In that case, whether you are designing the website yourself or you hired an expert, you must always strive to catch the attention of the visitor within those 5 seconds. Always make a strong first impression.

Make Your Contents Readable

Many websites have some writings that seek to inform the reader what they are about and the type of services that they offer. If you plan to own one such website, always make sure that your texts are readable and properly formatted. This allows the reader to go through your text quickly and grasp the information quickly.

To achieve this, consider:• Use easy to read typography• Make your sentences sweet and concise and to the point• Use lists and bullet points• Insert proper headings• In the call to action segment, make sure that you convey the message clearly• Space your texts well

Create a Highly Responsive and Mobile Optimized Websites

The fact that technology is continuously growing guarantees that most people can access the internet using their mobile phones. In fact, most people prefer mobile phones because they can use them almost anywhere as opposed to the bulky laptops and desktops. In that case, you also have to make your website mobile friendly so as not to lock some of your audience/visitors out. Make your content as easy to access on mobile phones as on computers.

Mix Sophistication and Simplicity

Today, you cannot flood your website with oversized images, huge texts with minimal information and other similar features and expect huge traffic. All the mentioned features make your website unprofessional and do not appeal to most people. When creating your website, consider using a sophisticated but easy to navigate design. This will entice people and make them want to associate with your products or services.

Place Ads Carefully

It is possible that you can generate more revenue on your website through ads. However, if you place the ads anywhere and everywhere in your website, you will not only go down in the SEO rankings but also turn away visitors. Nobody likes regular ads especially if they are not relatable. Place your ads in convenient locations and make it easy for the reader to return to your website after viewing the ad if he chooses to. Don’t simply give out free jewelry making patterns, it must be planned and strategically placed in a page. 

A personal or business website has to be top-notch especially now when most things all over the world are going digital. By considering the above tips, you will have an awesome website that everyone would want to visit.